Our Firm

Dedicated to finding a cost effective approach to your legal needs, the solution oriented firm of Cohn Stewart uses a team approach.  

Realizing today’s lawyer needs to focus on the result while keeping costs down, Cohn Stewart provides top legal assistance in matters ranging from family law, real estate and business to probate and litigation. The firm incorporates mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions to help the parties resolve legal disputes and achieve closure. The firm’s philosophy is to steer its clients when possible away from expensive court proceedings. Nonetheless, some matters do require litigation.  Seasoned, and well-respected by their peers and the local judiciary, Cohn Stewart lawyers, who daily delve into the law, will work tirelessly toward a final resolution.  

While the firm uses a team approach, drawing on the expertise of all staff members, clients are never charged for more than one lawyer’s services at any given time.

Whether you are seeking legal advice ranging from a family dispute to a real property issue, Cohn Stewart believes that a responsive attorney who listens to your needs will best be able to represent and promote your interests.

The firm’s Family Law Practice encompasses the full range of domestic relations law including divorce, separation, paternity, support, child custody, visitation, pre and postnuptial agreements, division and valuation of property, counseling on your community property rights and other issues.

Civil Litigation & Real Estate Practice includes contract disputes, debt collection, easement disputes, real estate broker fraud, landlord tenant disputes,

Principal Martin Cohn ("Marty") has been practicing law for more than two decades...---MORE---
Ms. Stewart attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated... ---MORE---